If the singer of whoever you are singing live gets choked up and all emotional and walks away from the mic. don’t cheer. don’t laugh. don’t boo. just sing. sing like angels. trust me, they’ll never be able to thank you enough

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Liars And Sellers - Napoleon


Liars And Sellers - Napoleon

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If you go to a concert and think its appropriate to elbow and punch people in the face you’re a fucking tool and I hope you get hit by a bus.

“If you can’t handle the pit, stay home” is not a fucking excuse. Kids pay up to 300 dollars to see their favorite bands live, not to go home with a broken jaw or swollen eye. Grow the fuck up.

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Never check your exes profile ‘just to see how they’re doing without you’. It’s always to see if they’re just as miserable as you. And they never are, which always makes you feel horrible. And you know this before you even type their name. Just don’t do it, and let them go.

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I saw this cup in World Market today..

So I bought it.

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A friend of ours, will be joining Heavy Anchors, as our new guitarist. You may refer to him as ‘Snapbacks’. 


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My sheets smell like you
Lingering with occurrences between them
When will we come back together
Between them once again
For now, all I have is the scent
The scent of you
And what happened with you

I’d never been so scared in my life
Yet pleasure triumphs over pain
Now it’s nothing but a memory
On going and ever lasting
Laughter is an echo in the walls
Your breath is like wind in my hair
But my fears are now gone
And all I have is you

Images of another soul are nonexistent
You’ve plagued my mind
You’ve invaded my heart
New doors have opened
Bright lights have burned
Old doors shut quietly, suspended on rusty hinges
Bright lights faded and dimmed into a soft flicker

Break it apart
Break it into pieces
You’ll feel good now
And regret it later
And regret it forever.

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We want to cover some songs, so drop an idea or nine in my ask box, and I'll post them so you all can laugh. - Captain. »

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Tubby Fatkins.

Just because you’re perfect doesn’t mean you wont have your flaws.
I can feel you snaking across my ribs.
Here comes the truth that saw us blind.
Flawed by images of false beauty.
Your ribcage expands with every breath you take.
You lay across me until my body goes numb.
And I realize. I’m in love.
Only when we sleep do our problems dissolve.
Give and get
Take and receive.
Your humbling ways
Are so misleading.
And in the depths of your eyes
I can see your demise
And all the secrets you hold
The fire inside your soul
Is apparent in your bones
I know how it feels to love
And I know how it feels to trust
But you broke down those walls
And you took us all down
Was it necessary to break us apart
Although you meant to do much worse
You didn’t have rip us apart
I hope it brightens your day
To know you ruined ours.

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Captain's Solo Video Update. »

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